Holy Shit, a $3 Mascara Did This To Someone’s Lashes

Finding a good mascara, is easier said than done — you have to kiss a few metaphorical mascara frogs before you find a volume-boosting and lengthening mascara Prince Charming, if you will. But one Redditor may have just found the crown princess of all mascaras — and it’s under $5.

Redditor EllieDaisyLouise took to the Makeup Addiction thread — site of so many royally good beauty discoveries — to share a truly unbelievable mascara find you can scoop up at the drugstore: Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara.

False lash effect indeed. In a side-by-side image, the Redditor shows off almost unbelievable effects — her bare lashes show just how stunning the change is with the mascara, which makes her lashes look long, luscious, and all around worthy of a mascara ad. “Alright this is the second time I’ve seen lashes this dramatic from that mascara and I’m officially on board,” one user wrote. We’ll second that.

It’s hard to believe the dramatic results from this royally good find aren’t the magic of a set of falsies. But as some users pointed out, you have to have pretty long natural lashes to see this kind of impact.

As hard as we may try not to play favorites with our beauty products, mascara will forever have a special place in our hearts (and makeup bags) — when you have literally only two minutes, a couple of coats of a solid mascara can take you from tired to ready to take on the world. When that mascara delivers results like these and costs less than a grande PSL, it wouldn’t be crazy to call it the new ruler of your beauty bag.

Fans accuse Beckham of using botox (Photo)

The 42-year-old, world-famous British footballer David Beckham has been criticized by fans on social networks after a post he made yesterday at Instagram.

David was at the New York Fashion Week presentation, accompanied by his wife, Victoria Backham.

It was a fancy, what he commented on in his picture, writing that the botox looks good to David! So it was enough for the football fans to allude that he is a botox user.

But David has assured the commentators that he does not agree with the botox and that he really felt grieved about the objection. He has reacted through a post that says, “I do not agree with the use of botox, so I will take this as a compliment.” / TCH /

It is most attended in Insta, but Selena Gomez says she has no friends

Although she is the most popular singer in social networks, the number of friends around her is small.

Selena Gomez seems to be quite a delicate person.

Although she has a huge number of followers, she looks quite open in the networks, she does not have a lot of friends.

Selena has been surprised in an interview where she says she has only three friends to talk about everything.

“I know many people. My work and commitments have made me know many people, but I do not have close friends. I have three people who can tell any secret or personal event, “Selena said.

The singer remains among the favorites, especially in Latin America, when she has a romantic relationship with singer The Weyek. / Telegraph /

Jennifer Lopez shines near loved ones and luxury car (Photo)

Jennifer Lopez is a great fan of designer Tom Ford.

She was received by a number of media people as she was visiting Tom Ford designer Alex Rodriguez, her boyfriend for as long as she was.

The couple has a love affair since March of this year and meeting Tom Ford was for an interesting reason
Jennifer has asked for her initials to be marked in her luxury car Rolls Royce.

She is known for “On The Floor” with Pitbull. / Telegraph /

Kendall Jenner Starts Connecting With Blake Griffin?

It seems that Kendall Jenner has started a romance with Blake Griffin after being photographed on Tuesday evening in New York as both were enjoying a dinner.

The supermodel, located at the New York Fashion Week, was featured at a popular Italian restaurant, along with the Los Angeles Clippers basketball star.

Look What Happened To Her Eyebrows After

Many people deal with a physical appearance issue that has been bothering them for years. Sometimes it’s a part of your face, sometimes it’s the body, and while we need to accept ourselves the way we are, sometimes, small corrections do a lot in making a person happy with what they see in the mirror.

Such correction is one of the latest trends – microblading. It’s practically a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo, which helps make brows look full and natural, but you may have already known this, as the internet is obsessed with this now.

This lady used to have short, spare, and almost non-existent eyebrows, until one day she got to try something different. She was tired of experimenting with the many methods of filling them and just had to do something else. Makeup artists used to tell her that eyebrows need to look like sisters, not twins. But the problem was that hers looked like distant relatives.

What is microblading?
Then, she discovered microblading. An expert will use teeny blades on a microblading pen and create hair-like strokes. This will allow for pigment under the skin, and the new shape will stay for 1-3 years.

After she discovered the concept, she went to schedule an appointment with Kendra Bray, Founder and Owner of Better Brows NYC. She felt a bit intimidated at first, but the doctor put her at ease. Her dream was about to come true, and she just wanted fuller eyebrows.
The procedure
They numbed her brows for 30 minutes and then started the procedure. Using the microblading tool, she created the lines of the new shape. The procedure was fast, but the aftercare takes more time.

The aftercare
The tattoo needs to be dry for 10 days. Therefore, she needed to be careful not to wet her eyebrows. If the skin starts itching, she can add coconut oil after day 10. The pigment may appear darker in the beginning, but will fade after 6-8 weeks.

Here she is, one day since she got microbladed. Then, there is the after photo, showing the amazing results.


What an amazing result!


Even Heidi and Robin are ending celibacy? The model gives the first indications about the wedding veil (Photo)

The highly commented couple in the media Robin Haxhi Krasniqi and Heidi Lushtaku have been enjoying their relationship for a while.

The boxer and the famous model mentioned 2018 as an allusion to their marriage, writes Telegraph.

In the wake of many weddings in the recently-organized Albanian showbiz, not so far seems to be the wedding of the couple in question.Famous couple Heidi Lushatku and Robin Haxhi Krasniqi
Heidi Lushatku was the one who has published a picture on InstaStory, featuring drawing on a white sheet.

But it was not a work anyway, as she was trying to draw the model of her bride veil, so at least she writes it in the photo’s inscription.This seems to be a strong indication that their wedding can not be too far, and that in the coming months, Heid and Robin might be seen as bride and groom.

Last month, the couple stayed for several days in Albania during the summer break. / Telegraph /Heidi Lushtaku and Robin Krasniqi were on vacation in Albania this summer

Testing Essence Make Up (Everything Under £4!)

If you haven’t heard of the brand Essence, it is a very affordable brand which seems quite popular in the U.S. but is only available in Wilko stores in the UK. Everything I have bought to try out was £3 or under and I checked the reviews first on Wilko’s website and a few of the products I have bought were based on their 5 star reviews online!

Instant Matt Setting Spray – £3.00

This setting spray has quite a strong chemically scent when you first spray it but the scent goes straight away. It has a really nice mist which covers your whole face, unlike a lot of setting sprays that I have tried before. It is advertised as a non-sticky, lightweight, oil-free formula, which I agree with. It makes your face feel matte as soon as it dries and I think it kept my make up in place for longer without my skin getting oily. You get 50ml of product and you don’t have to use a lot, so it is great value for money. This is a great product from Essence and I would definitely repurchase it.

All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder – £3.00

I use translucent powder like this to set my under-eye concealer – I use a damp beauty blender to semi-bake under my eyes. This powder is not my favourite setting powder but it does the job. It is not very finely-milled and it is a bit powdery, instead of silky. The packaging is nice and sturdy and it did stop my under eye concealer from creasing or smudging my mascara. I don’t think I would want to use this as an all over setting powder as I’d be worried it would leave white dots or would make my face look chalky. You get 8g of product in this compact. I will use this occasionally as a change from my usual setting powders but I don’t think I would purchase this again.

Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer – 05 Ivory – £2.50 

First off, this is a great colour for us pale princesses. I swatched the next shade down in store (20 Nude) as I couldn’t see a lighter one and it didn’t look like a bad shade match, but then I spotted one shade lighter and this was an even better shade! The formula is quite thick for a liquid concealer but it blends out nicely and it doesn’t look cakey on the skin. It isn’t the fullest coverage of concealer that I’ve ever tried but it has good coverage. It didn’t crease under my eyes once set with a powder and you can also build it up to get better coverage. This is a definite win for me for only £2.50! It comes with a doe-foot applicator and you get 5ml of product in the tube.

Matt Matt Matt Long-Lasting Lip Gloss – 02 Beauty-Approved – £2.30

So this is a matte liquid lipstick (not sure why it is called a lip gloss as it isn’t and there are currently 5 shades to choose from. You get 5ml of product in the tube and it comes with a doe-foot applicator. The formula is creamy and it reminds me a lot of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams as it feels like a mousse formula. The scent is very sweet – it almost smells like salted caramel, which I personally like but if you are sensitive to scents you probably won’t like this product. It doesn’t last all day, just as the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams don’t, but it is good for short amounts of wear.

I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara – £2.80

Usually, I have expensive taste when it comes to mascaras, as I’m sure most of you will agree! Cheap mascaras are usually rubbish – they normally just colour your eyelashes and don’t do anything else! However, this one surprised me. It has a rubber bristle wand which is quite long and spikey. With one coat of this mascara, I noticed a lot of volume, without clumping or making my lashes look spikey. I don’t think it did much to lengthen or curl my lashes, but it doesn’t claim to either. It was a slightly wet formula, which did transfer when I blinked (just after applying it) but most mascaras are like this when you first open them. I have to say, I was shocked by this mascara for only £2.80! You get 12ml of product in the tube.

Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara – 02 Browny Brows – £2.50

I’ve heard good things about this product – lots of people compared it to the Benefit brow products, but I can’t say it compared for me. The brush is very small, which is good because it is precise, however, I like using brow gels in this form when I want to darken my brows (I have blonde eyebrows and dark hair!) in a rush, and the brush on this means it takes quite a long time to do and it doesn’t pick up my product so I had to keep redipping it. I believe this is the darkest shade you can get but it isn’t very dark – it’s quite an ashy, medium brown. I think I will stick to my Rimmel brow gel in future! You get 3.8ml of product in this.

Growth Boosting Drops – £2.00

This interested me because I’ve never seen a product like this before. This product comes in a glass bottle with a pipette; you get 8ml of product. It claims to improve natural nail growth for perfect cared for and healthier nails. Obviously I can’t tell whether it dramatically boosts my nail growth without using it for a while, but on first impressions, it doesn’t smell very strongly of anything, the pipette is very useful and allows you to squeeze a small amount of the product onto each nail and then massage it in. It dries relatively quickly and doesn’t leave your nails feeling greasy or sticky. It is a sort of liquidy gel formula that massages into a liquid. It’s a nice product to use but as I said, I will need to try this over a longer period of time to see the lasting effects.

Long Lasting Eye Pencil – Black Fever – £1.50 

This is a great eye liner for only £1.50! It is a twisty eyeliner so you don’t need to sharpen it and it is very black and very creamy. I use it in my waterline and it glides on very easily and stays put most of the day. I’ve been using this every day for a while now and it hasn’t ever snapped off like lots of the twisty eyeliners do. This is a definite must have product from Essence! I’ve included a swatch of it to show how black it is.

So overall, there’s definitely some hidden gems in the brand Essence but for some of it, you get what you pay for. I will definitely repurchase the eyeliner, the concealer and the Growth Boosting Drops. I’ve also tried their blushers before and lip liners and they are great quality.



9 High-Protein Sandwiches With No Meat

In the world of meal prep and healthy lunch ideas, the humble sandwich often gets overlooked. Which is a shame, because high-quality, 100-percent whole-wheat bread is kind of a lunchtime all-star; it’s hearty, fiber-rich, and often packs a decent amount of protein. Plus, it’s the perfect vehicle for veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats like avocado and nut butter.

When it comes to meatless sandwiches, the trick is to make sure you’re packing in enough protein. Sharon Palmer, R.D., tells SELF that while daily protein recommendations vary based on individual factors, aiming for 16 to 24 grams of protein at breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a good place to start. She suggests vegetarian protein sources such as beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, and soy, but also points out that you can get a solid amount of protein by choosing the right bread. “Some whole-grain breads have more protein than others,” Palmer says. “For example, Ezekiel flax sprouted whole-grain bread has 5 grams per slice. So with two slices, you’re getting 10 grams of protein.” Her go-to sandwich fillings are baked tofu, tempeh bacon, and lots of vegetables. She picks spreads like hummus, tahini, and pesto instead of mayo or butter, since they increase the protein a little bit and are packed with healthy fats.

Regardless of whether or not you include meat in your diet, here are some creative meatless sandwiches that make awesome packed lunches.

1.Brussels Sprouts and Hummus Grilled Cheese from Simply Quinoa

This grilled-cheese sandwich tastes good hot or cold, thanks to a chickpea-Brussels sprouts filling that’s equal parts creamy and crunchy. Get the recipe here.
Per one serving: 530 calories, 20 grams protein

2.The Ultimate Hummus and Veggie Sandwich from Bless This Mess

The key to making the veggie sandwich as satisfying as possible is using 1/4 cup of hummus per sandwich, and choosing a bread that’s 100 percent whole wheat and hearty enough to hold all of your veggie fillings. Get the recipe here.

Per one serving: 510 calories, 17 g protein

3.Meatless Mexican Sloppy Joes from Veggie Inspired

This bean- and veggie-packed filling is easy to make and fun to eat. Serve 1/6 of the recipe on an Ezekiel sprouted-grain burger bun and you’ll get 18 grams of protein and just under 400 calories.

Per one serving (with the bun): 366 calories, 18 g protein

4.Cucumber and Avocado Sandwich from Two Peas and Their Pod

Between Dave’s Killer Bread (trust us, it really is killer), and a good smear of goat cheese on each slice of bread, one of these sandwiches packs an impressive 24 grams of protein. Get the recipe here.

Per one serving: 485 calories, 24 g protein

5.Make-Ahead Bean Burritos from Yummy Mummy Kitchen

A big batch of these simple burritos doesn’t take long to make, and you can refrigerate or freeze them for grab-and-go lunches throughout the week. Get the recipe here.

Per burrito: 507 calories, 19 grams protein

6.Hummus and Tahini Egg Salad Sandwich from Kitchen Confidante

This egg salad is lighter than the traditional mayo-based version, thanks to the hummus and tahini swap. Get the recipe here.

Per one serving of egg salad plus two slices of whole wheat bread: 361 calories, 19 g protein

7.Cottage Cheese Sandwich from Foodie Crush

Some people might think this is crazy. Those people are missing out on something simple, quick, and surprisingly delicious. Get the recipe here.

Per one serving: 507 calories, 22 grams protein

8.BBQ Tofu Sandwiches from Yup It’s Vegan

These barbecue tofu sandwiches are great for a crowd but also for Sunday meal prep. Get the recipe here.

Per one serving: 379 calories, 21 g fat

9.Smoky Tempeh Sandwich with Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto from My New Roots

Tempeh is like tofu’s more sophisticated, more deeply textured cousin. Which is to say that this sandwich is very, very much worth trying, whether you’re a tofu fan or not. Get the recipe here.

Per one serving (including 2 ounces of smoky tofu and 1/4 avocado): 461 calories, 20 grams protein


Texas’s Abortion Law Banning Dilation and Evacuation Will Kill and Maim Women

Sometimes a pregnancy half fails. The membranes rupture before viability and an infection sets up shop in the uterus. Medically, the pregnancy has to end; whether the fetus is still alive or not does not matter. If an infected uterus is left unevacuated, the bacteria will eventually spread to the blood stream and it will be fatal. This is fact.

At times the body offers a consolation and goes into labor. It doesn’t seem like it at the time but it is more than a small mercy. When the uterus does not start contracting the patient has to choose: drugs to induce labor or a surgical procedure called dilation and evacuation (D&E). It is like starring in a horror movie where you choose the weapon.

Labor is labor. It hurts and can take days. A premature uterus, especially an infected one, often does not cooperate. Days of both grieving and waiting to grieve break even the strongest. No one has assigned fault, in fact everyone has said the opposite, but the pathways of sadness and self-doubt and blame cut deeper and deeper with each taunting contraction. A brain fuddled by lack of sleep, medication side effects, days without fresh air, and the stench of sweat from the bed sheets cannot possibly reframe this experience. When women tell me they “can’t even get this right” I want to cry.

At the end of the labor there is a baby. Often bruised and macerated. Many find that visual very hard as technically those injuries were caused by their own body. As a doctor you can try to explain it away as predicted medical consequences, which they are, but your words are repelled by a force field of despair. Sometimes the baby survives the infection and the traumatic labor and delivery and then the patient has to decide if she is able to hold her baby until death comes or if she is not. These things shatter people.

The other medical option is a D&E, a surgical procedure to remove the pregnancy through the cervix. It requires more skill, medically speaking, than the labor. You only come by this skill if you have done a lot of second trimester abortions because that is exactly what it is, but harder because an infected uterus has the consistency of soft butter. Your instruments are like a hot knife. You are using a hot knife to remove sharp fragments from a bed of soft butter. Do it incorrectly and you damage the uterus, puncture the bowel, or cause catastrophic blood loss. The fact that your patient is already ill with infection makes every potential sequelae worse.

A D&E bypasses all of the emotional trauma of the labor and the decisions that come afterward about holding the body. The patient gets an anesthetic and afterward the physical part of the nightmare is over. Sometimes, if the infection is advanced, the medical team may recommend a D&E up front. The risks of a D&E performed by a well-trained individual are very low.
Some women chose labor but after a day or so it is clear their body has a different idea. An infected uterus can’t always be whipped into shape with oxytocin and prostaglandins. A few even refuse a D&E even when they are very ill if there is still a fetal heartbeat. As they wait for the uterus to labor correctly they get sicker and sicker. Bacteria is showering the blood stream. Their heart rate is unbelievably fast. Their blood work is ominous. The staff all look at each other in that way medical people do when we know we are on the precipice of something very bad. Eventually, the patient agrees to the D&E and the relief is palpable.

When you are the person who will do the D&E the patient is always relieved to see you. She either knows she doesn’t want to labor, can’t handle any more labor, or she knows she is very sick. Sepsis makes you feel as if you are dying, which you are.
Sometimes her partner glares. “There is still a heartbeat,” he might say or if there is not, “How come we need someone special for this?” He knows the answer, but he wants me to say it. If I don’t, I can’t save the life of the person dying in the bed, so I tell him that you can’t do a D&E’s without abortions. This irritates many because their narrative is that abortions are never needed and yet here they are needing one or needing help from someone who can only help because of abortion training.

Without abortion training there will soon be no one with the skill to do a D&E and the option will be induction of labor or a hysterectomy or a hysterotomy (a C-section, but this early it often wrecks the uterus for future childbearing). Both a hysterectomy and a hysterotomy are major surgeries and much more likely to have serious and even fatal consequences than a D&E, especially for pregnant women with infections.

D&E’s are now illegal in Texas (because of Senate Bill 8, passed last week) unless the pregnant person is very ill. How ill? I’m a gynecologist and I don’t know.


(a) A physician or other person may not knowingly perform a partial-birth abortion.

(b) Subsection (a) does not apply to a physician who performs a partial-birth abortion that is necessary to save the life of a mother whose life is endangered by a physical disorder, physical illness, or physical injury, including a life-endangering physical condition caused by or arising from the pregnancy.


A person who violates Section 171.102 commits an offense. An offense under this section is a state jail felony.

No one knows how sick is sick enough. Is it ruptured membranes? Is it a fever of 101 F or 103 F? Low blood pressure? How low? Tachycardia? How fast? Positive blood cultures? Malpractice insurance doesn’t cover the criminal action the State of Texas might take against you for saving a woman’s life with a D&E so it is almost certain that doctors will wait too long. This is how Savita Halappanavar died in Ireland.

Banning D&Es unless Death himself is in your room unhooking your intravenous is also cruel. Every choice about this pregnancy has been taken away because of ruptured membranes and infection and now the Texas government has taken away the only power that a pregnant woman has over her body. Every single person I have ever counseled has known almost immediately what feels best. Pregnant women can visualize the sequence of medical events with labor and with a D&E. You can see it in their faces. They know what is the least traumatic landing for them. Now in Texas they have no say.

The cruelty and emotional trauma imposed by SB8 aside some women who fail to respond to labor inducing drugs will get D&Es too late and some will die. As the hospitals lose providers by attrition who are skilled to do D&Es there will be more and more hysterotomies and hysterectomies. The lucky women will be the ones who go home with a big scar on their belly to remind them of their pregnancy that wasn’t to be and how much their government hates women.