Amazing Artistic Tattoos That Cover Up Surgical Scars In A Creative Way

Life can bring you many challenges, and some experiences can leave scars. Not only emotional, but physical ones as well. Whatever you do, you cannot fix these scars, let alone erase them. Some people are ashamed of them, some embrace them.

The art of tattooing, however, is a wonderful way to take what’s happened and turn it into a more beautiful symbol of victory. People do this very often, they put a tattoo on the spot, and you can barely see that there was a scar there. Some also decide to do art out of their scar together with their tattoo. Who said you can’t make something fun out of an experience that made you grow?

1. Turn scars into flowers and forget about having a car in the first place.

2. This zipper tattoo looks so cool!

3. Nothing can stop you to look blossomed and beautiful.

4. A divided feather that speaks about this person’s experience. But also looks super artistic.

5. The cutest tattoo I’ve seen so far.

6. Making you smile.

7. The freedom of tattooing arts is just amazing.

8. Very creative and fun to look at.

9. Fits in perfectly.

10. For Star Wars fans, here is an idea.

11. Always feeling like a child.

12. Can this be even cuter?

13. Dark, but creative.

14. You can get inspiration anywhere!

15. Flowers are my favorite.

16. Just look at this.

17. The mermaid tattoo.

18. This one has a great message, too.

19. It’s more than just a tattoo.

20. It becomes a part of your identity. 

21. You can’t even tell.

22. You can also add some butterflies.

23. A reminder of appreciating life.

24. Absolutely adorable.

25. A piece of art.



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