You Will Fall In Love With These Carved Rainbow Buzz Cuts

If you are not aware of the newest hair color trend, it is the rainbow roots everyone is so crazy about. Rainbow roots can be done in any hair color, and you can have any shade you prefer. However, there seems to be no solution for people with pixie hair. Pixie hair is also a trend, and many people just want to combine the rainbow and pixie trend, but are not aware of the possibilities. Some would probably suggest growing out your hair, but since they did a pixie, I don’t think they will consent. Rainbow is quite possible and looks very cute, as you will see from the pictures below. Janine Ker is one artist who can make your rainbow pixie dreams come true.

This new buzz cut trend is gaining traction for good reason – it’s a total funky mesh fest. Thus, you can choose various fun designs such as roses and triangles, and fill them in with vivid bright and bold colors. Also, you may like a subtle look, so you will have to choose subtle shades for your rainbow.

Janine Ker started as an artist and has done numerous beautiful colorful buzzed haircuts, which she shared online. Many of them she also painted by her hand. Here are her creations:

How about this geometric triangle style?


Here are the scattered triangles, which makes a totally new design.


If you are not a fan of the rainbow, you can also get a different hue, for example, this fun shade!


The next design is so meticulously precise and fun to look at! The most amazing in colors as well.


Next, there is another design made on the top, where it can be hard to see sometimes.


You can also mix up a pixie and buzz a portion of your hair. Look at that purple and bl