Twelve Tricks To Put Your Makeup Skills On Solid Basics

Nowadays there are so many talented people doing beauty tutorials, that we sometimes automatically assume what they’re doing must be easy. However, a simple foray into nail decoration or eye makeup will prove that without experience and knowledge it is very hard to produce anything remotely satisfactory. One of the most difficult aspects of makeup for many women is working on the eyes. And while it may be a while before you can do a proper smokey eye, getting the basics right can make a world of difference and give you the self-confidence and enthusiasm to pursue your makeup passion further. Here are twelve important points about eye makeup to help you on your way.

1. Nude eyeliner

If you want your eyes to look larger, apply nude eyeliner to your waterline.


Source: Maskcara

2. Eyeshadow

Apply a very small amount of eyeshadow to your bottom lash line. Although you cannot see it if it hasn’t been applied this model’s eyes would have appeared far less smokey.


Source: Instagram | @tenipanosian

3. Lash line

If the glue you’re using to put on fake eyelashes is annoyingly visible, make sure you apply some brown or black eyeshadow onto your lash line. Problem solved!


Source: YouTube | Chantel Jeffries

4. False eyelashes

If you are having difficulty actually applying the fake lashes, wrap them around a makeup brush handle. This will give the eyelash band some curve, making it so much easier to apply in turn.


Source: Instagram | @ishimmer

5. Flare

Now that you know how to easily put on those fakies, you can further up your eyelash game. If you would like your eyes to appear bigger, try on flared lashes.


Source: Instagram | @hudabeauty

6. Tightline

Tight-lining the lash line using eyeshadow will make a big difference to your appearance.


Source: we heart it | @jimena_gomez_diaz

7. Cut crease

There is an incredibly easy way to cut crease; simply use a spoon as a guide to applying your eyeshadow and you should have no trouble whatsoever.


Source: Instagram | @beautifoles

8. Mascara

If you get mascara all over the place, you can also call a spoon to your aid. Place it right behind your eyelashes and apply your mascara freely, as all the excess product will go onto the spoon.


Source:Michelle Phan

9. Eyeliner

Create a stencil using some tape and getting the perfect cat eye will never be a problem again.


Source: Sarah Lipoff | PopSugar

10. Eyelash curler

After applying mascara, wait several minutes for it to dry completely. Use your eyelash curler for 20 seconds on each eye for optimal results.


Source: Instagram | @themakeaholics

11. Concealer

If you want a sharper looking cat eye, put some concealer on a brush and run it underneath the wing.


Source: YouTube | Sylvia Gani

12. Waterline

Eyeliner has an enlarging effect on your eyes. Apply it on your waterline and lash line, but do not connect the eyeliner to the inner corner of your eye. To add some finishing touches, highlight to the inner corner of your eye to make your eyes pop even more.


Source: Instagram | @irenesarah

Pink Glossy Lids and Glowing Skin For Summer

Finally it’s that time of the year that we can play up with colors however we want. Glossy and colored eyelids are so trendy right now so today you might want to give them a try. Everything about them screams sexy and edgy.

YouTube channel ArielHopeMakeup has 93K subscribers where creator Ariel shares different kinds of makeup tutorials that people find very helpful. Recently she uploaded a tutorial with pink glossy lids and glowing skin. I have to say, this one is perfect for the summer days. Let’s get started:


YouTuber starts with a moisturizer and then moves on to foundation. She uses concealer and then powder to set everything in place. To add more definition to the face, she contours and uses bronzer and highlighter.

glossy 1


For the eyes, she takes a hot pink color and gets to some serious blending. She goes with the same color under her waterline too and then puts on eyelashes and mascara. To make that amazing eyeshadow even more amazing than it is, she uses the Nyx lid lacquer which makes the lids all shiny and majestic all of a sudden.

I suddenly feel the urge to get me a Nyx lid lacquer.

glossy 2


You have two option for the lips. And honestly, I’d go with the hot pink, while we’re at this whole edgy parade.

glossy 3

To see the whole tutorial in full detail, you can play the video below and follow the process with every step clearly explained. I’m off to find my hot pink eyeshadow now.


Everyday Makeup Routine For Spring

Well, it’s spring all right. And not that we’re suggesting that you should change your everyday makeup routine. I mean, who’s to say what’s spring-y? Those days are over and anything goes. After all, remember ‘Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.’

That’s about all you need to know.

However what we do have here is something quite irresistible. There’s brown eyeshadow involved, which is amazing, a natural glow, which is super attractive.

Youtuber and blogger Emily Canham is a makeup guru, obsessed with beauty and fashion. She publishes videos on her two channels Butimhereforever and imhereforevervlogs.


The 20-year-old makeup artist put on foundation first, then follows with concealer to cover the dark circles. Powder, bronzer, blush and highlighter step in by making her face look very natural.

everyday 1


She keeps her eye makeup pretty simple, with dark brown eyeshadow and mascara.

everyday 2


Using the Kylie Cosmetics Malibu lipstick which is the perfect nude color, she turns her lips from okay, to wonderful.

everyday 3

A lot of her subscribers loved her look:


Someone else added:

“Hi Emily, I have been going through a tough time lately as I have been really ill and I have found that your videos have helped me get through it so much, I look forward to every upload and have your notifications turned on for everything. I love your videos so much and you are such an inspirational person who had taught me to never give up my battle xxx”

If you also liked this tutorial, make sure to leave a comment.

Source:Emily Canham

Go-to Event Makeup Look

Attending different events and the process of getting ready for them is so much fun. Trying to chose the perfect outfit, the “suitable” makeup look, shoes, accessories can be challenging sometimes and then you just get stuck. In these go-to cases, a big help can be YouTube.

Blogger and YouTube beauty guru Kaushal Beauty has already hundreds of thousands of subscribers dedicated to her Kaushal Beauty channel. Her most viewed videos are her makeup tutorials. In her latest video, she shows us a glam, go-to event look which is pretty unique and simple. Wanna keep things classy and sassy?


Even though the 28-year-old does almost every technique when it comes to her face, she still uses pretty natural products which don’t make anything look too cakey. So, foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush and highlighter!

go 1


She doesn’t like to complicate stuff with eyeshadow very much, so she puts a natural, smooth brown on her eyelids. After creating a smokey effect, she applies a red eyeliner. The look wouldn’t be finished without eyelashes and mascara.

go 2


When it comes to her lips, Kaushal loves to mix lipsticks to create the shade she wants so she ends up with – a nude/ brown color.

go 3

What do you guys think? Would you do this for a go-to? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

Source:Kaushal Beauty

Kylie Jenner’s Bathroom Selfie Landed Her In Trouble

The Met Gala is a night many celebrities celebrate the height of the fashion industry in luxurious suits and gowns. The theme changes every year and this year it was Avant-garde: The pinnacle of experimental, radical and unorthodox originality, which was championed by Jaden Smith with his dreadlocks. But when it comes to Kylie Jenner, she clearly didn’t get the memo.

With glamor, rules come to be decreed by Anna Wintour, who was the editor of the fashion gospel: Vogue. She is the one who organizes the event. However, Kylie abandoned all aspects of the Avant-garde by posting a bathroom selfie as she was in the night club.

The “annual mirror selfie” had the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, A$AP Rocky, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, Lily Aldridge and Paris Jackson. But, the Snapchat queen wasn’t alone breaking the rule book. The snap shows a lot of famous people on a bathroom break.

As for her dress, she wore a Versace gown which was almost the same as the last year’s Balmain dress at the 2016 Met Gala. Even though the rules are made to be broken, any guideline that stops the selfie and stems the epidemic of social media addiction would be absolutely championed by the surrealists of yesteryear.


You Will Fall In Love With These Carved Rainbow Buzz Cuts

If you are not aware of the newest hair color trend, it is the rainbow roots everyone is so crazy about. Rainbow roots can be done in any hair color, and you can have any shade you prefer. However, there seems to be no solution for people with pixie hair. Pixie hair is also a trend, and many people just want to combine the rainbow and pixie trend, but are not aware of the possibilities. Some would probably suggest growing out your hair, but since they did a pixie, I don’t think they will consent. Rainbow is quite possible and looks very cute, as you will see from the pictures below. Janine Ker is one artist who can make your rainbow pixie dreams come true.

This new buzz cut trend is gaining traction for good reason – it’s a total funky mesh fest. Thus, you can choose various fun designs such as roses and triangles, and fill them in with vivid bright and bold colors. Also, you may like a subtle look, so you will have to choose subtle shades for your rainbow.

Janine Ker started as an artist and has done numerous beautiful colorful buzzed haircuts, which she shared online. Many of them she also painted by her hand. Here are her creations:

How about this geometric triangle style?


Here are the scattered triangles, which makes a totally new design.


If you are not a fan of the rainbow, you can also get a different hue, for example, this fun shade!


The next design is so meticulously precise and fun to look at! The most amazing in colors as well.


Next, there is another design made on the top, where it can be hard to see sometimes.


You can also mix up a pixie and buzz a portion of your hair. Look at that purple and bl